Terms & Conditions

Service Policy

1.   The warranty does not cover any consequential or resultin'g liability, damage or loss to property or life arising directly or indirectly as a result of appliance failure, breakdown, or accident or usage of the Appliance not in accordance with the operating manual.

2.   If the Appliance has been subjected to improper use such as operated on a trolley other than the one, if any provided by the Company, misused, not cared for, abnormal use, exposure to dampness, excessive heat, excessive humidity and other extreme environmental conditions, corrosion, damage beyond repair, rusting, unauthorized modifications, unauthorized repairs, neglect, accident, alteration, acts of God, spillage of liquid or food particles, faulty electric wiring/ cabling, abnormal voltage/ power supply beyond appliance specifications, damage/ breakage/ non-functioning of appliance due to rodents, rats, cockroaches and ants etc.

3.   The warranty does not cover consumables, normal wear & tear parts, plastic, glass and/ or rubber parts, non-operational parts and related accessories.

4.   If the serial number of the Appliance is removed, altered, made illegible/ tampered with.

5.   Damage to the appliance or any part(s) due to transportation or shifting or arising out of improper storage of the appliance at the Customer's premises.

6.   In case repair cannot be completed onsite, the company reserves the right to carry the appliance to its Service Center (Workshop) and return the same after repair.

7.   Re-install /second demo/ explanation /external connections, requests like connecting the external device etc. are chargeable.

8.   Means the price of the part/s consumed in repairing the product. The part charge will be communicated by the engineer before carryout the repair.

9.   Transportation charges applicable when the product is taken to the workshop for repair In case of Gas Charging in AC / Refrigerator the transportation charges is applicable for home service.

10.   These charges are applicable in case of customer desire for site inspection for installation of air conditioner. These charges can be adjusted in case AC installation done by same service center.

11.   AC Gas charging transportation to be collected for In Home Service.

12.   Inspection charges to be taken only when customer refuses for repair after inspection.

13.   For AC Installation Civil/Welding & Electrical work will cost extra as per actual.

14.   No Service charges applicable if complaint repeats itself within 3 months from date of service invoice.

15.   No Spears charges applicable if complaint repeats itself within 1 month from date of service invoice.

Terms & Conditions

1.   GST on the Service charge @18% is applicale 

2.   Repair warranty shall be 30 days from date of issue / dispatch.    

3.   The total cost of repair shall be spare cost plus service charges.

4.   In case of repeat failure (for same fault) within 30 days, only component cost shall be charged.

5.   Service tax are extra as applicable for Gas Charging, Spares & Accessories.

6.   Transportation Charges applicable only when Set(Product) is taken to Work Shop.

7.   Gas charging warranty 90day from date of repair.